Over the years GIP has become one of the leading operators in container terminals in Italy,
thanks to its partnership with SECH in Genoa,
TDT in Livorno and to the container transport service with Logtainer.
A wide range of services to give complete coverage of the Italian logistics scene.


Terminal Darsena Toscana

Loc. Darsena Toscana – Porto industriale, 57123 Livorno LI


Terminal Darsena Toscana

Terminal Darsena Toscana, the main container terminal in the Port of Livorno, opened for business on 1st January 1997.

The ideal sea outlet for a large hinterland made up primarily of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Northern Lazio, TDT is the port of call serving the markets of Central and North-East Italy, as well as American markets (the USA in particular), Africa and the Far East.

Located in the heart of the industrial port, just 9 km from the A. Vespucci freight terminals and 15 km from the G. Galilei International Airport, TDT is, from a logistical point of view, distinguished by its strategic location, being connected directly with motorways (A1, A12) and major roads (SCG Florence-Pisa-Livorno) and equipped with an annual operating capability of 900,000 TEUs.

With investments in new technologies and highly qualified human resources, TDT offers the widest range of services, guaranteeing a high level of efficiency and reliability to its clients.

The Port of Livorno, as well as being one of the main ports of call for the project cargo coming from the areas of North-East and Central Italy, is the largest Italian port for refrigerated cargo.

In order to address this service, TDT is equipped with facilities and areas dedicated to refrigerated containers and has arranged specialised personnel who, with the best materials available on the market, are responsible for managing CFS operations. Furthermore, to encourage shipments of break bulk cargo, it offers competitive pricing conditions.

Until 30th September 2031, the Terminal Darsena Toscana will be the licensee for an industrial complex that has commercial relationships with major international ship owners, but it is still considered to be a reliable supplier also by countless small and medium operators.


Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova S.p.A

Calata Sanità Pal. Uffici – 16126 – Genova

Sech – Southern European Container Hub

The Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova S.p.A

The Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova S.p.A, better known as SECH, has been managing the Calata Sanità terminal since 1993. With approximately 400,000 TEUs operated in 2015 and a maximum annual capacity of 550,000 TEUs, it is considered one of the major import/export terminals throughout the country.

The company operates in the port under a state authorisation and under Law 84/94 issued by the Port Authority, in compliance with the OHSAS standards 18001 and ISO 9001:2008, with Full AEO certification (Full Authorised Economic Operator) in accordance with the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) and C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

The staff and facilities are available to the shipping companies, offering them the necessary services in order to transfer goods from ships to land transport methods (truck and rail) and vice versa, or to transfer goods between two ships that follow different routes.

The terminal is easily accessible both by sea (the ships are moored at the dock less than an hour after entry into port), and by land, with easy access to major transport networks (the motorway junction is about 500m away).

The strategic location, together with investment in human resources, equipment and IT, make the terminal a cutting-edge facility and a key access point for the production areas located in Northern Italy and Southern Europe, its main markets.

These investments in the terminal, along with those at the Port of Genoa, have allowed the quality of service to be improved in recent years, to enable the faster and more secure transit of goods, allowing the Company to deal successfully at a benchmark level with other similar organisations.

After having renewed its cranes between 2010/2012, to deal with a market that employs increasingly large ships, in 2014 the company approved a second major investment programme focused on the dock area. This involves the extension of the arm of four of the five cranes, which already today enables large vessels to be able to work (14,000 TEUs).



Via Podgora, 16 – 20122 Milano



Logtainer, established in 1997, offers container transport services to shipping companies, to connect the major Italian ports with the most important areas of production and consumption.

To ensure an efficient service, Logtainer makes different modes of transport available to its customers (truck, rail, intermodal and terminal-operated) as well as providing an active organisation with a presence in the major ports and inland terminals.

Today Logtainer is present at the ports of Genoa, Vte, Livorno, La Spezia, Trieste and Naples and has a rail link system with the inland terminals of Milan, Padua, Rubiera and Bologna, with a number of weekly trains which makes it unique in the national scene.

Logtainer has always believed in intermodality: in 2015, 5500 trains were employed that have travelled over 1,200.000 km and transported 2.400,000 tons of goods. As well as being evidence of its constant commitment, these numbers show the quality and the efficiency of its service.

In addition, the modes of transport used by Logtainer, in the same year, have enabled over 23,000 tons less CO2 to be emitted compared with transporting the same volume of goods by truck.

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